Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Century- My worst hundred

India lost in the world cup, qualifying match and my passion for cricket just end.

I have hardly watched any cricket after that even stopped playing too. After coming into IT my state of mind become “What is cricket?”. When team members discuss about cricket, I laughed on them. IT professional's life is Computer, internet, mobile and tv (for girls specially, how they can stop watching saas, bahu). So one day I was doing the multitasking youtube and changing the tv cannel, I was watching some funny video and parrallely on tv Sachin was hitting 6-4 and finally he make it to 200. I was influenced by his performance and take stupid oath that I will also do 100. So I have started with the push up and give up after 10. After getting flunked in push up I stopped thinking about physical work. I was keep on thinking what I can do better in which field I can make 100. My mind made list of the things which I usually do. Drinking 100 beer forgot about it, 100 km walk no way, continuously spend 100 hrs on Farm-ville not make sense. In this thinking process I 've met my friend Suraj and I know he always keep some filmy ideas in his mind.He shows his fan loyality and suggest me Sharukh's idea (Rab ne bana dee Jodi) ate 100 golgappe(pani-puri). Even though I don't like Sharukh but I thought “Bure time mai gadhe ko mama bana lete hai”. But this was again fail after eating 20 my stomach was going to explode and I was start feeling like ill as again and again golgappe wala using his dirty hand in dirty water. I gave up again. Taruna came with her absurd idea, give me 100 Puma' s bag. Which must be rejected and certainly it was. Veeru bhai said eat 100 icecream, Johari suggest 100 disprine, Monika talked about hundred samoshe. For my doubt in her idea she was even ready to bet on this that she will complete 101. I trusted on her stamina and give up from this idea too. Now I was in a big tension in my subconscious mind. One day on you tube I saw Devanand singing “Har fikar ko dhuye mai urata chala gya”, I went for smoke after that and suddenly something struck in my mind, lets smoke 100 cigrette in one day. And next day from the early morning I have started smoking after crossing 50 my lungs start begging for their life but I have forced them to make my 100. I was not the position to celebrate my hundred. But still I have done my 100 and but else field an IT professional can prove himself. Anxiety of work, late stay what else IT professional can achieve.