Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I was a Faliure

I had lot dreams since my childhood. Even though I used to heard "Jack of all trades master of none", still I have lived most of the dreams. I choose to become "Jack". I have different kind of prospective towards life. I never believe life after death, I believe I have only one chance and I have to live that. During starting day of my school life I want to invent something (A machine which didn't require fuel).My friends most of the time found me around junk dealer shop, I have collected lot machine parts(still i have those at my home).
 I was never success. As every failure has excuse, so I have too like never got 
guidance/motivation etc etc. I had one more interest cricket. I always try to do 
batting and learn only one shot on the leg side towards downhill.  There I easily 
got 2 runs.but when I was 8th standard everyone was fed up of my shots and 
they change the rule, if anyone hit downhill he 'll be out and my career as a 
batsman got end. I have started doing bowling but I become famous for my 
wide balls. Even I didn't get selected in school team. I have practice a lot with 
stones easily available at himachal. I played university level and kind of national 
in college. I have one more interest during school music I wanted to play any 
music instrument but i didn't get place in school band. I have practice harmonium  
at home and played in instrumental music competition. I was champion in 
basket ball during school time but got failed to enter in college team. 
I had one more interest in theater and I was fail in my first audition during school 
time by luck the main character got ill and I got the opportunity. I still remember 
that day Judge recognize me as a best actor after that I never look back 
and write/direct/act in lot of plays. After my schooling I was interested to 
choose some kind of creative field for me but I forgot I am in India here 
kid hardly do what he actually want to do in life. I have accepted the decision 
of my parents and start doing engineering. I hardly get interest in this and 
giving 48 extra paper is the proof. After doing Engineering I was fully confident 
that will never got a job. I had given lot of interviews and got failed in 85 interviews 
initially(call center, Software testing, designing) but never try for the programming.
I know that i don't know anything about that but now I am working as a 
senior software engineer doing programming. I don't know what exactly was my 
destiny and what I want to in my life but I have enjoyed every moment of my life. 
I will continue this by believing "We have only one chance to live, do whatever 
you want to do or enjoy whatever you are doing"

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Century- My worst hundred

India lost in the world cup, qualifying match and my passion for cricket just end.

I have hardly watched any cricket after that even stopped playing too. After coming into IT my state of mind become “What is cricket?”. When team members discuss about cricket, I laughed on them. IT professional's life is Computer, internet, mobile and tv (for girls specially, how they can stop watching saas, bahu). So one day I was doing the multitasking youtube and changing the tv cannel, I was watching some funny video and parrallely on tv Sachin was hitting 6-4 and finally he make it to 200. I was influenced by his performance and take stupid oath that I will also do 100. So I have started with the push up and give up after 10. After getting flunked in push up I stopped thinking about physical work. I was keep on thinking what I can do better in which field I can make 100. My mind made list of the things which I usually do. Drinking 100 beer forgot about it, 100 km walk no way, continuously spend 100 hrs on Farm-ville not make sense. In this thinking process I 've met my friend Suraj and I know he always keep some filmy ideas in his mind.He shows his fan loyality and suggest me Sharukh's idea (Rab ne bana dee Jodi) ate 100 golgappe(pani-puri). Even though I don't like Sharukh but I thought “Bure time mai gadhe ko mama bana lete hai”. But this was again fail after eating 20 my stomach was going to explode and I was start feeling like ill as again and again golgappe wala using his dirty hand in dirty water. I gave up again. Taruna came with her absurd idea, give me 100 Puma' s bag. Which must be rejected and certainly it was. Veeru bhai said eat 100 icecream, Johari suggest 100 disprine, Monika talked about hundred samoshe. For my doubt in her idea she was even ready to bet on this that she will complete 101. I trusted on her stamina and give up from this idea too. Now I was in a big tension in my subconscious mind. One day on you tube I saw Devanand singing “Har fikar ko dhuye mai urata chala gya”, I went for smoke after that and suddenly something struck in my mind, lets smoke 100 cigrette in one day. And next day from the early morning I have started smoking after crossing 50 my lungs start begging for their life but I have forced them to make my 100. I was not the position to celebrate my hundred. But still I have done my 100 and but else field an IT professional can prove himself. Anxiety of work, late stay what else IT professional can achieve.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sentence Stress Management.

Words are the most powerful thing in world.
Word “I love you” from your lover can give you most amazing feeling, you start feeling out of the world.
Harsh word or abuse can make you angry, can increase your blood circulation.
Words can motivate you.
Words can demotivate you.
Words can frustrate you.
Words can make you Rebel.
Words can make you follower.
Your words can make you a great leader.
So its our responsibility to use right word at right place in right tone. Even after using right word we didn't get right result. After delivering your words ball is no more in your court. Now it depends upon other how he/she accept the words. Its all depends upon the amount of stress on each word.

Lets take an example to understand it better:

Sentence: Who told that, I have ripped your shirt.
Now start giving stress on each word one by one

1.Who told that, I have ripped your shirt.
In this stress is on word Who. It means who is the culprit, who said that or who has complained.

2.Who told that, I have ripped your shirt.
In this stress is on word I. It means your shirt has been ripped but I didn't do that, it might be done by someone else.

3.Who told that, I have ripped your shirt.
In this the stress is on word ripped. It means I have done that but not ripped your shirt, I have done something else with your shirt.

4.Who told that, I have ripped your shirt.
In this the stress is on word your. It means I have done that but not with your shirt, I have ripped someone else shirt.

So guys use stress but on right word, otherwise meaning will change.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Build Your Self Confidence

How To Build Your Self Confidence

One of the most important steps to achieving your goals in life is to develop a strong sense of self confidence. This does not however involve becoming loud or arrogant. On the contrary, people with genuine self confidence are usually calm and self assured and do not need to 'big note' themselves.

Here are some tips which I found on web for building your self confidence:

1. Visualise Yourself As The Person You Want To Be
Each morning spend a few minutes visualising yourself as the person you want to be. Think about the way you dress, the way you carry yourself and the way you interact with other people. Seeing yourself as the person you want to become is the first step towards building self confidence.

2. Self Confidence Statement
After visualising yourself as the person you want to be, read the following statement out loud:
"I know I have the ability to achieve my major goal in life. Therefore today,
I demand of myself persistent and continuous action towards achieving my goal"

Reading this statement out loud is a great way to start your day in a confident state of mind.

3. Dress Well
One of the most effective ways to instantly improve your level of self confidence is to dress well and to make the decision to always be well groomed. This does not mean you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Instead, just focus on gradually building up a small collection of good quality clothes. Also remember that simple accessories such as a tie clip or necklace can make a big difference to the way you look and feel.

4. Positive Posture
Another powerful way to build your sense of self confidence is to stand up straight and lose the slouch that many of us have acquired over the years. While you may be able to make a change to your posture by simply becoming aware of it, the best way to make a long lasting change to your posture is to practice yoga or pilates.

5. Move With Purpose
A simple but effective tip for increasing your levels of self confidence is to always move with a sense of purpose. In his book 'The Magic of Thinking Big', David Schwartz recommends walking 25% faster than normal. Having a spring in your step lets people know that you have important things to do and actually makes you feel more confident as you go about your daily business.

6. Become A Participant
Have you ever noticed that in most meetings or groups, people immediately head towards the back of the room so that they can remain as inconspicuous as possible? A great way to increase your visibility and sense of self confidence is to make the decision to always sit towards the front of the room and be a participant. When you have something to say - don't be afraid to say it.

7. Connect With Confidence
Another way to quickly improve your self confidence is to practice making a strong first impression. When you meet someone face-to-face, look them directly in the eye, smile broadly, shake hands firmly and say, "Hi Jim, nice to meet you".
Similarly, you can sound more confident on the phone by answering, "Good morning Carol Jones speaking" instead of simply saying "Hello"

8. Build Your Success File
Occasionally your self confidence will take a hit when something doesn't work out the way you hoped. One of the best ways to repair your self confidence in this situation is to keep a folder outlining your past achievements and successes. You should also include any positive feedback that you've received from others.
As you review your success file and fill your mind with positive comments, your doubts and insecurities will quickly disappear and your self confidence will be restored.

9. Preparation
The BIG secret to being self confident that people rarely talk about is - preparation. The more you prepare and practice for an event, the more self confident you will become.
If you are worried about an upcoming event, use your apprehension as a stimulus to take action and practice, practice, practice. The simple but powerful truth is that self confidence grows through repetition and experience.

If you implement some or all of these 9 techniques you'll gradually develop a greater sense of self confidence which in turn will help you to pursue and achieve your most important life goals.

Until next time,

Dare To Dream!

The Things you like or Don't like about me- Closed Now

Hey guys I need your feedback for self actualization. I like to improve myself, so please share your views about. All positive or negative comments are welcome.
After getting lot of postive points, I am hiding comments and stoping any feedback.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GOD is a concept!

When I was believer of God, lot of question lingered in my mind.
Where we will go after death?
Will we go according to our religion?
Will Hindu go to "Swarg" , Muslim to "Jannat" and Christen to "Heaven" and different God welcome them over there. It is really hard to believe on this.
What will happen if i do all sins as a Hindu and after that i convert to any other religion and start doing virtue. How different God keep track my account do they share information like our Bank, which give you loan after confirming with other banks. It seems to be quite funny.
If everyone go to same place then why intelligent people fights for religion.
Why these communal riot happen?
Those all things happen when we keep blind faith on our GOD.

After analyzing lot of situations and circumstances, I came to this point human needs moral support.
When no one with us and we feel very low in our lives or we fail every time we try in that situation we need someone to share things with us. To handle that situation there is a concept and that is GOD.

We must have heard a lot of times "God helps those who helps themselves".

GOD is the name of faith and believe ,if we start believing on ourselves and we have faith on our act. I did not think we need to pray GOD or freak around temples for anything. To believe on this concept we must have great confidence on ourselves.

Critics are most welcome :)
Still Composing.....