Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I was a Faliure

I had lot dreams since my childhood. Even though I used to heard "Jack of all trades master of none", still I have lived most of the dreams. I choose to become "Jack". I have different kind of prospective towards life. I never believe life after death, I believe I have only one chance and I have to live that. During starting day of my school life I want to invent something (A machine which didn't require fuel).My friends most of the time found me around junk dealer shop, I have collected lot machine parts(still i have those at my home).
 I was never success. As every failure has excuse, so I have too like never got 
guidance/motivation etc etc. I had one more interest cricket. I always try to do 
batting and learn only one shot on the leg side towards downhill.  There I easily 
got 2 runs.but when I was 8th standard everyone was fed up of my shots and 
they change the rule, if anyone hit downhill he 'll be out and my career as a 
batsman got end. I have started doing bowling but I become famous for my 
wide balls. Even I didn't get selected in school team. I have practice a lot with 
stones easily available at himachal. I played university level and kind of national 
in college. I have one more interest during school music I wanted to play any 
music instrument but i didn't get place in school band. I have practice harmonium  
at home and played in instrumental music competition. I was champion in 
basket ball during school time but got failed to enter in college team. 
I had one more interest in theater and I was fail in my first audition during school 
time by luck the main character got ill and I got the opportunity. I still remember 
that day Judge recognize me as a best actor after that I never look back 
and write/direct/act in lot of plays. After my schooling I was interested to 
choose some kind of creative field for me but I forgot I am in India here 
kid hardly do what he actually want to do in life. I have accepted the decision 
of my parents and start doing engineering. I hardly get interest in this and 
giving 48 extra paper is the proof. After doing Engineering I was fully confident 
that will never got a job. I had given lot of interviews and got failed in 85 interviews 
initially(call center, Software testing, designing) but never try for the programming.
I know that i don't know anything about that but now I am working as a 
senior software engineer doing programming. I don't know what exactly was my 
destiny and what I want to in my life but I have enjoyed every moment of my life. 
I will continue this by believing "We have only one chance to live, do whatever 
you want to do or enjoy whatever you are doing"


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