Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GOD is a concept!

When I was believer of God, lot of question lingered in my mind.
Where we will go after death?
Will we go according to our religion?
Will Hindu go to "Swarg" , Muslim to "Jannat" and Christen to "Heaven" and different God welcome them over there. It is really hard to believe on this.
What will happen if i do all sins as a Hindu and after that i convert to any other religion and start doing virtue. How different God keep track my account do they share information like our Bank, which give you loan after confirming with other banks. It seems to be quite funny.
If everyone go to same place then why intelligent people fights for religion.
Why these communal riot happen?
Those all things happen when we keep blind faith on our GOD.

After analyzing lot of situations and circumstances, I came to this point human needs moral support.
When no one with us and we feel very low in our lives or we fail every time we try in that situation we need someone to share things with us. To handle that situation there is a concept and that is GOD.

We must have heard a lot of times "God helps those who helps themselves".

GOD is the name of faith and believe ,if we start believing on ourselves and we have faith on our act. I did not think we need to pray GOD or freak around temples for anything. To believe on this concept we must have great confidence on ourselves.

Critics are most welcome :)
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Anonymous said...

Might be possible

shailendra said...

m totally agree with ur cmmnts man, what we do is our GOD fr us, nobody who is sitting far away in the sky will decide for us. I really cn't undrstnd the thing.

Suraj Patwal said...

You looking very cool man in the pix, But as far as to concern about your thought about the god, i m not fully agreed with you comment. Every 2 persons out of 100 says the same thing, how can we believe on it. Just think about those 98 people who think about god.

Well it endless issue in the earth. we can't discuss about it...

It just a thought of the mind according to the nature of human being.

but anyways you looking very cool man.....

Keep it up man.............

good luck :) cheers...........

Raman said...

Ya Suraj I am not against believing God. Its god you are believing.
But to believe on ourselves is most important than GOD.The main thing is blind faith is the cause of communal riot, terrorism and lot more problem as we know that GOD is just a concept.

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monika said...

Hi Raman!

You may never find GOD but it's there everywhere around us.God is not just a statue of RAM,HANUMAAN but the power that give you success and strength.It's human who had given name to GOD to make him tangible but actually it's intangible.You do not belive GOD because you don't require GOD as a statue,you can realize the power of your own without praying in a temple.But the human created temples where they have given a shape to their belives and power.We just go Temple to realize that power in ourself in a peaceful environment.
And apart from this these communal riots and all are created by human itself.Our sacred books never teach us to fight.If GOD never fights then why should we the humans.But still I belive in the life cycle,I had seen,realised at the time of my father's death that there is some power that governs and that decide life and death for us and that's god.

Raman said...

Nice to see your reply Monika.
Do you believe life after death?
Do we have to pay for our sins and virtue?
Do you believe God maintain database for every person?

Sudeep said...

Raman, thats a very sensitive and controversial but interesting topic u have touched...coz in country like India there are millions of people who wont give second thought to this idea. They are very firm and blind in their belief of GOD.

I on on borderline on this concept. I mean i don't believe in following the rituals, going to temples every Tuesday, keeping fast etc. but like Monika do believe existence of some power that governs our Life.

Have you ever read about Scientology??